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Monday, January 4, 2010

The Mom Test - Product Testing Panel

In marketing circles, WOM stands for Word-of-Mouth. At The Mom Test, it stands for Word-of-Mom. The Mom Test harnesses the ever growing power of mom-to-mom word-of-mouth, or Word- of-Mom through a network of WOM Squad Moms who are in a position to share information with other moms. The Mom Test doesn't send out any boring sales pitches, coupons or discount offers to its members. What they do offer are fun and exclusive promotions and special offers as well as the occasional product review. And they tend to focus on what they like to call Momventions - companies, services and products that were invented by other moms.

WOM Squad Moms fall into one or more of the following categories:

* Leader Moms - These moms run a playgroup in their city or are the president of their local PTA.
* Forum Moms - These moms not only control chaos in their own homes, but also cool down hot topics as the
moderator or manager of a message board.
* Daily Word Moms - These word smiths are on the cutting edge of internet communications with their own mom-blog.
* Scoop Moms - These ladies publish a newsletter that is distributed on a regular basis to other moms.
* URL Moms - These moms are business ladies who host a website that caters to other moms.
* Movers & Shakers - These internet savvy moms are all over the web posting on a variety of message boards and passing information along via e-mail to their own personal network of friends.
* Social Butterfly - These ladies simply need WOM Squad information so that they have a new topic of conversation at their next dinner party.

Moms who fall into one of the above categories simply sign-up to receive periodic announcements from The Mom Test with information that they will pass along to the members of their group. These moms know that providing their members or audience with new and interesting information on a regular basis keeps them engaged and returning so that the group or message board stays active and fun. WOM Squad Moms will also have the opportunity to test products and write reviews that will also be passed along in Mom Test announcements. That's it, nothing fancy or too high-tech, just good old fashioned word-of-mom.

The test is two-fold: First, do the WOM Squad Moms find the information they're providing interesting enough to pass it along to their network of moms - because of course, they are never obligated to do so. If something doesn't sound interesting or like it's a good fit for their group, the announcement will simply get the delete button treatment. Second, if it passes the initial WOM Squad Mom test and she does pass it along, the test is to see what kind of impact this mom network can have in spreading a message and helping other moms in business achieve their goals.

If you qualify as a WOM Squad Mom, use the form at the top of their webpage to sign-up to receive The Mom Test announcements.

U.S. Only.

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