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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Nicorette Coupon Redeemable at Walmart

Your willpower may be strong but when it comes to trying to quit smoking, you need all the help you can get. Because your smoking habit is really several habits. That's why quitting smoking can be a challenge.

To be successful, you need to overcome both your physical addiction to nicotine and your psychological addiction - the urge to repeat the same smoking routines every day, like smoking in the car and after meals. Understand your personal triggers.

Nicorette understands that quitting smoking is not just about fighting cravings. It's about understanding your personal triggers and changing your habits over time. That's why they are continuing to develop tools that offer you a comprehensive approach to help you quit smoking. Nicorette does more than calm the intense nicotine withdrawal symptoms that develop when you stop smoking. It gives you the solutions and resources you need to change all your smoking behaviors so you can finally become the ex-smoker you really want to be.

Register to receive your coupon for a free Nicorette 20ct starter kit (Up to a $10 value), redeemable at Walmart.

U.S. Only.

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